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Scar Gel

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Spenco® 2nd Skin® Scar Gel is a medical grade silicone gel that helps fade and flatten hypertrophic and keloid scars. Scar Gel is flexible, colorless, non-stick and won't leave residue on your skin. Scar Gel's thin, smooth coating can also be used anywhere on the body. (Latex free) 

47-548: 1 - 15g pump dispenser

Scar Gel product cannot be shipped by air in any state and/ or to the Alaska & Hawaii area's due to being classified as a HM ORM-D product.

russjpowell@gmail.com 1 years ago

I have used ScarGel in the past with good results. This current facial surgery was to repair a wound following skin cancer removal. I am currently 10 weeks post op and have been using the ScarGel for the past 5 weeks. I had to wait until after the wound healed to start the ScarGel. Progressing pretty well but still have some internal healing that has to take place. But looking pretty good so far.

Kim 1 years ago

I have only had for a couple weeks but really working well on nasty surgical scars from foot surgery.

PAW 3 years ago

This is the best stuff for scars and discolored skin,

sunshinejulie 4 years ago

Eliminates all but the very fine evidence of scaring for me. I would not go without this product. I do wish the 80 ml container was still available.

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