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UNEQUAL® Protective Insole Cushioning


Catalog No.: 46-100

The UNEQUAL® Protective Cushioning Insole provides up to 23% more cushioning than standard OEM insoles, while also providing lasting comfort and helping to reduce the risk of foot injury. This insole gives all athletes—both pro and amateur—advantages over their competition. Constructed with Spenco® Patent-Pending THE SHAPE THAT FEELS GREAT® Technology and UNEQUAL® Patented Coated Para-Aramid to create a superior, high-performance protective replacement insole. Unlike the disposable sock liners that come with most shoes, UNEQUAL® Protective Cushioning Insoles use advanced materials and technologies that provide cushioning, protection, and support.

Cushioning Insoles provide shock absorption beneath the heel and forefoot. Unequal® Cushioning Insoles are made from premium materials that compress and rebound under load and include a protective layer to further reduce impact.


  • TOTALSUPPORT® Technology
  • Spenco Polysorb® PU Foam
  • Forefoot Crash Pad
  • UNEQUAL® Shock Dissipation Technology
  • TPR GEL Hel Pod
  • Technical Low-Friction Topcloth

UNEQUAL Cushioning has up to 24% better shock attenuation properties as opposed to OEM insoles found in most popular athletic shoes. The premium materials used in the UNEQUAL Stability insoles are far superior to those used in OEM insoles.

CubanB 1 years ago

The UNEQUAL Cushioning is just what I've been hoping for. This insole is in between the Proform Thin and the Walker/Runner volume wise. Cushion wise, these feel like they have as much cushion as the Walker/Runner but more supportive in a slimmer profile. Similar to the Spenco Hyper from Foot Locker but without the gel. Perfect for all the the low volume running shoes out there. Spenco may need to ramp up production because I'm buying at least 6 more very soon.

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