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UNEQUAL® Protective Insole Stability


Catalog No.: 46-099

The UNEQUAL® Protective Stability Insole is perfect for the serious athlete—both pro and amateur—seeking an optimum blend of cushioning and support. Constructed with Spenco® TOTAL SUPPORT® Technology and the Patent-Pending 3-POD™ Modulation System combined with UNEQUAL® Patented Coated Para-Aramid to create a superior, high- performance protective replacement insole. Unlike the disposable sock liners that come with most shoes, UNEQUAL® Stability Insoles use advanced materials and technologies that provide stability, protection, and foot support.

Stability Insoles redirect forces on the soles of the feet to reduce excessive joint motions, improve foot posture, and reduce strain on the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the foot and lower-limb. Unequal® Stability Insoles support the foot in two directions: helping to reduce over-pronation (foot rolls inward) and supination (foot rolls outward).


  • TOTALSUPPORT® Technology
  • AIR GRID™ Energy Return Foam
  • Semi-Flexible Arch Cradle
  • UNEQUAL® Shock Dissipation Technology
  • 3-POD™ Modulation System
  • Technical Low-Friction Topcloth

UNEQUAL Stability has up to 19% better shock attenuation properties as opposed to OEM insoles found in most popular athletic shoes. The premium materials used in the UNEQUAL Stability insoles are far superior to those used in OEM insoles.

Joe 1 years ago

I like the cushion, but the arch isn't rigid enough for me... Going back to the Total Support Max.

CubanB 1 years ago

I purchased these to see how they would work for me. I have the Ironman Train and the Ironman Race. These fit right in between those two with better cushion, great arch support but not too intrusive. I feel that the initial support they provide is a great starting point since the type of insole do conform to your foot over time. My running shoes feel much better with these in now after a month. Just take the time to break them in.

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