Spenco Medics™ Diabetic Insoles


Catalog No.:   46-033

Premium Full-Length Insoles specifically designed for the diabetic foot.
Spenco's proprietary TOTALSUPPORT® Technology with the added benefit of a soft, low-density PolySorb® Memory Foam body, friction-reducing SpenCore® impact zones and a Plastazote® top cover to help eliminate points that can cause blisters. For more information on Spenco Medics™, click here.

The Shape That Feels Great® 

For half sizes order the next size down.
For example, if you normally wear size 10.5, order a size 10.


  • Plastazote® Foam top cover
  • Deep Heel Cupping
  • TOTALSUPPORT® footbed
  • Premium SpenCore® material
  • PolySorb• Premium SpenCore® material Memory Structured Foam

Ineedbettersupport! 9 months ago

I have nerve damage in my feet from Bartonella. I have 2 pairs of Spenco sandals that I love, and wanted insoles to put in my other regular shoes. I bought these because they have the

jfrost9702@gmail.com 1 years ago

They work great for cushioning and didn't irritate my feet but I needed more support

Dean Holmes 1 years ago

Very comfortable

ellakolberg@yahoo.com 1 years ago

Not as good as I thought.but hopefully may be I will try something else.

Afisher 2 years ago

Great product! Like walking on air compared to the previous insoles I had. Cushioned support, yet firm. I would highly recommend these especially to someone who walks on hard surfaces a day long.

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