GEL Heel Cushions

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Catalog No.:    42-747

Dual-density TPR GEL Cushioning
Slip-resistant design for added heel cushioning.

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• Dual-density TPR GEL

Josephhamm@att.net 9 months ago

I purchase these because I was under the impression they were of a higher quality than the store-bought brands as soon as I open the package I realize that was not the case they're even cheaper and flimsier the most store brand products of similar type. I bought 2 sets use the first one a few days before it just fell apart and it would never stay positioned correctly in my shoe

WindyCityLady 1 years ago

My podiatrist recommended these ~ but they do NOT stay in place. Turn to the side...slip down inside the shoe ~ in other words, I am constantly re-adjusting them. Don't waste your money.

RC 3 years ago

I purchased these for my middle-school son whose heels get a lot of use between sports and regular activities. These gel soles help to cushion the impact that his heels get during his mormal / normal + activities. They are definitely NOT 'flat' are provide a nice amount of cushion. Serves the purpose for which they were intended. I have a pair in each of his sports shoes and his regular, every day school shoes.

JKB 3 years ago

These heel cups are so comfortable and they are really helping my bone spur issue! I am glad that I purchased two sets! One for sneakers and one for golf shoes! And the price was fair as well! What's not to like?

Phillip 3 years ago

About six months ago my achilles started acting up and I would have slight pain when normally walking. These heel inserts fit well into any shoe and solved my problem. I wear them for long periods of time (up to 18 hour days) and they're not uncomfortable at all.

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