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IRONMAN® Ultrathin GEL


Catalog No.: 39-740

Minimalist Gel Comfort
Ultra-thin GEL insole with flexible arch support.  Cradles your feet with ultimate gel comfort.  Features Total Support® Technology.

Trim to Fit    Men's   Women's  
LARGE 9-13 11+
SMALL 6-8 6-10


• Flexible GEL Arch Support incorporates Total Support Technology to provide soft, supportive comfort.
• Ultra-Thin GEL Insole cushions from the heel-to-toe.
• Dual Density GEL cushions impact and protects the heel.
• Low -friction top cloth helps prevents blisters.
• Slipure Antimicrobial reduces odor.
• Six-month unconditional guarantee

Patrick Smith 1 years ago

The cloth top became detached from the right insole on the very first day. Other than that, they're very comfortable.

Will 3 years ago

They are working great so far, I am feeling almost no discomfort after a full day on my feet. One minor issue that I have had is that the insoles slip a little, but nothing major.

Treos 3 years ago

I use it as insoles for squash shoes. It provides excellent shock absorption. It also has soft contour support for your arch which works out really well for flat footed people like me.

3 years ago

These feel really great and plenty extra for trimming to size, and the price is great as well.

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