Spenco for Her® Total Support®


 Catalog No.: 40-243

The Shape That Feels Great®—for Women
All the features of our Total Support® Original Insole, but made for a woman. Supports, stabilizes and cushions right out of the package. Wear-moldable, Full-Contact Comfort™ Fit. Improves performance and prolongs the life of your shoes. 

Insoles designed for men don’t address the effect of a woman’s increased quadriceps angle (Q angle) on her natural stride. When a woman runs, foot impact causes supination (outward rolling) followed by over-pronation (the shifting of weight to the inside of the foot). Over time, these conflicting forces can lead to potentially serious repetitive strain injuries to the foot, ankle and knee. Spenco for Her® Q Factor® Technology helps guide a woman’s natural stride into a centralized and balanced path.

The Shape That Feels Great®

For half sizes order the next size down.
For example, if you normally wear size 10.5, order a size 10.


• Deep Heel Cup
• Semi-rigid Arch Support
• 3-Pod™ Cushioning System
• First Ray Drop Zone
• Metatarsal Dome
• Technical Topcloth
• Forefoot Crash Pad

Dawn T 9 months ago

I was told that if I supinate that these would work good for me but they allowed my right foot to roll on its outer edge more than the regular Total Support insoles. So for now I will stick with those.

Spenco fan 12 months ago

I was doubtful at first. Delightfully suppressed.

Retiredparamedic 1 years ago

Bought for my wife who has heel spur. Says it's like walking on air if she's happy I'm happy. Great product at great price.

Spence user 1 years ago

I don't see the allure! Take up extra room in the shoe. Feet hurt after walking around a few days. Just not for me...

Cris M 1 years ago

I am very happy that I purchased this product. It has provided the best foot and arch support. I work in warehouse and this product provides the best support. It was referred to me by my father in law.

Kathy 1 years ago

I like them so much I bought a second pair.

Duck/BeaverFans 1 years ago

I slipped the inserts into my worn out Brooks Ariel and felt improvement. I recently purchased new Brooks and the improvement with the inserts is great.

SheriS 1 years ago

These are wonderful--just the right amount of arch support and fit my shoes and feet perfectly. The online tech gave clear, knowledgeable advice.

Tabby 1 years ago

I've been having increasing pain with Mortons Neuroma and other foot issues. I ran across some recommendations for Spenco insoles on the web and thought why not give them a try. When I put them in my shoes, my feet instantly began to relax. I was amazed how much these OTC insoles helped me. I've worn custom orthotics for years, but the Spenco insoles are working better for me.

Dtyler 1 years ago

My feet and legs don't hurt at all when I wear these insoles. I love them. My husband and I both have some. He just had knee surgery and since he started wearing his, his knee doesn't sore when he is walking on Concrete all day.

Balance 1 years ago

The name suits this product. Wearing the Total Support gives me extra bounce in each step.

Mary Ann 1 years ago

Great product. I no longer have knee or back pain when I am walking. Thanks Spenco.

LInda Jones 2 years ago

I love these inserts. I put them into my sneakers and they fit perfectly when I remove the original foot bed. I intend to buy more for my regular shoes and boots.

Jriley216 2 years ago

I am a server who works long hours on my feet. These insoles have improved my nightly aches and pains. I highly recommend them.

Linda 2 years ago

I am on my feet for 9-10 hours a day. These insoles make life wonderful. I tried the heavy duty ones but as a woman these provided the best support for that length of time. My feet used to kill me when I would get home. Now they don't! I'm buying more!

maryanne 2 years ago

I put my feet on these and know I won't have a problem. Every one I have purchased has been great.

Happy Feet 2 years ago

I have fallen arches and have used Spenco insoles since I discovered them a couple years ago. They fit more shoes than my expensive custom orthotics that only fit shoes that aren't structured for running. This is my first pair of Her Total Support insoles and I can jog and run without any discomfort in my feet, ankles, knees or hips. I felt the difference the first time I wore them. I am almost 63 years old and can run again! Thank you Spenco!

Spencopafan 2 years ago

The best thing ever happened to my feet. Thank you for such a neat product.

susanna cheng 2 years ago

This is my second time purchased this insoles. They are wonderful and I referred them to my sister.

Happy Feet 2 years ago

I have fallen arches and over pronation and my feet love these insoles! They fit into more shoes than my custom orthotics and are more comfortable. I have several pair of Spenco insoles but this was the first time I used these and they're great!

lmac22 2 years ago

I purchased these on the recommendation of my brother in law who had Plantar Faciitis. I have only used them for a short time and I really hope they help. If there is another type of insert that would be better, please let me know. So far so good!

Steph 2 years ago

These inserts brought instant relief to some of my heel pain. I highly recommend them.

Ginger 2 years ago

I've tried many insoles and I've always continued to have foot pain but I've recently purchased these insoles and within a few days of wearing them, my feet are feeling sooo much better!

Edie 2 years ago

I purchased these to go into my house slippers. We do not wear shoes in our home and I'm always on my feet. These insoles have been amazing. I have plantar fascitis and wear a pair of Spenco shoes for outdoors. These are the answer to my need for indoors. "Comfort"

Alyson 2 years ago

I love these insoles! its like walking on a comfy well supportive cloud. I have plantar fasciitis and I'm a student so I do a ton of walking. With these insoles my feet didn't hurt at all!

Rusty 2 years ago

When my wife was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis. Her Dr. recommended Spenco insoles. No gel was his rule. So I looked them up and found the "Her total support". She absolutely loves them. I have bought her more and bought some total support since for me. Excellent product.

MsJayne 2 years ago

Spenco for Her inserts are great! I have tried many other brands but none help my feet not hurt like Spenco.

sherry levine 3 years ago

As I have been informed that I have to wear Orthotics for the rest of my life, I knew I had to find a pair that fit my dressier shoes and yours do the trick. I have a pair that fit my sneakers, but they didn't do the job for the fancier ones. I wear a size 9 1/2 shoe, so I did have to cut these down. They are the best.

cc 3 years ago

recommended by my podiatrist as the "go to" insert to alleviate the problems I have been having with my feet, ankles, and legs. So far, so good!

doreneie 3 years ago

The are very comfortable and fit perfect

Happy Customer 3 years ago

This product really helps my plantar fasciitis, unlike any other insoles.

etty 3 years ago

I'm very happy with the insole,much better walking,runing and dancing, I wish I could efford to get them for each shoe.

alice 3 years ago

My doctor recommended I get a quality insoles to treat my plantar facisitis. I started using Spenco insoles last year and have had a great experience with them. My foot problems are greatly diminished and I will continue using them. Thanks Spenco.

Pam 3 years ago

Runs LARGE, I wear 7-1/2 shoe so ordered 7-8 but it needs to be trimmed a lot, should order a size down.

By happy feet 3 years ago

My doctor receommended Spenco, so I tried and know I have happy feet. Since my arches were falling,I needed support and Total Support has made my feet feel much better. I'm glad I tried the inserts.

Rene 3 years ago

I'm on the tail-end of recovery from a lisfranc injury and need good arch support. These have good arch support but I have to use them in Ugg-style boots. They're alittle too thick at the heel in my sneakers, causing my foot to walk out of my shoe.

Debiscorpio 4 years ago

I didn't realize they would be too narrow for Wide shoe widths and that they are not available in wide withs

Magswild 4 years ago

The price is right and the insert is better than the ones that cost $70. Will buy again!

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