Q Factor® Cushion Insoles


Catalog No.: 44-545

Balanced Cushioning Designed for Women
Stabilizes the alignment of a woman’s Quadriceps-Angle (Q-angle) to improve balance and reduce impact while walking or running. Ideal for running, walking, training and sports. 

Insoles designed for men don’t address the effect of a woman’s increased quadriceps angle (Q angle) on her natural stride. When a woman runs, foot impact causes supination (outward rolling) followed by over-pronation (the shifting of weight to the inside of the foot). Over time, these conflicting forces can lead to potentially serious repetitive strain injuries to the foot, ankle and knee. Spenco for Her® Q Factor® Technology helps guide a woman’s natural stride into a centralized and balanced path

For half sizes order the next size down.
For example, if you normally wear size 10.5, order a size 10


• EVA forefoot cushioning
• Lightweight PolySorb® polyurethane foam
• Gel heel strike cushion
• Heel-to-toe SpenCore™ Material
• Technical Topcloth
• Silpure Antimicrobial

Paul Verheyen 12 months ago

I'm a Clinical Massage Therapist (16yrs). I treat more Ladies with Sciatic Conditions, Piriformis syndrome, along with Hip and Knee issues (replacements). I recommend the Q Factor insoles, and most of my clients rave about how great they feel, and the comfort there experiencing. Thank you Spenco. Paul Verheyen, LMT.

judyb990@msn.com 1 years ago

good, but not firm enough in arch

Spence user 1 years ago

Uncomfortable. Takes up too much room in the shoe.

epleasant@satx.rr.com 1 years ago

I am 71 years old and have started walking 3 miles a day on my treadmill. I am relieved there is an insole for woman's feet. My feet are not sore and tired!

Happy feet 1 years ago

I had to trim the insert but the fit was good. This is my second pair.

Mister T 2 years ago

Since I wear Spenco insoles in all my boots and love them, my wife is having foot pain so I got her these Q factor and they have greatly reducing her foot pain. These were for trial but feel now she needs your Orthotics. Good start to help with pain.

hurting mom 2 years ago

The insoles are great, better than anything else that I have been able to find at any local business. I will be ordering them again.

renee 2 years ago

I really like the cushioning and support of these insoles.I wear them in my work shoes and they help my feet.

WandaR 2 years ago

love my insoles. I put them in my walking shoes and closed toe shoes.

Kristine 3 years ago

These have been the best insoles for my plantar fasciitis. I'm a walker, daily, and these have helped me get back out on the trails. I do a 5k a month and thought I'd have to give them up because I was in so much pain, these saved me! will keep purchasing!

susan 3 years ago

My son's pediatrician recommended Spenco insoles. In addition to the kids insoles I decided to order a pair for myself when I saw the comments that they help with Plantar Fasciitis. These insoles are wonderful! I have experienced a tremendous relief in heel pain. I no longer have to limp after walking too far or ice my feet at night after a long day of standing. I even waited a few days to order another pair to make sure it wasn't a fluke. I love these insoles and don't wear shoes without them. Restricted mobility was upsetting and now I feel like I can live a more productive and pain free life again.

LOP 3 years ago

Started wearing Q Factors when they first came out many years ago. Have continued through the current generation. Really helps with plantar fasciitis, and somewhat with knee and hip pain

Susan 3 years ago

Terrific Insoles. My feet feel noticeably better.

Johnny Reb 3 years ago

Has helped greatly!

HappyFeet 3 years ago

Since replacing the insoles in my sneakers with these my feet feel terrific. My feet are so cushioned and supported it's like walking on air.

Phyllis 3 years ago

I have 5 pairs and put them in each of my shoes due to plantar fascitis... they are a big help and I am back to playing tennis again.

Marathon girl 4 years ago

Had bad IT Band pain and knee pain. All resolved with these inserts. I've used them for over a year. I have purchased a total of 4 pairs. I have them in all my shoes now! Ran a marathon with them in.

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