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GRF Basketball Insole


 Catalog No.:     46-701

Semi-Rigid Arch Support Designed for Basketball
Based on our best-selling TOTAL SUPPORT®  Replacement Insole, Spenco® GRF Insole for basketball incorporates unique design features to reduce impact forces and return energy; provide support and stability; enhance vertical leaps, and reduce the risk of ankle sprains.

Directions: Replace existing insoles. Trim if necessary. Hand wash, air dry.

For half sizes order the next size down.
For example, if you normally wear size 10.5, order a size 10.

Ricky 12 months ago

I called Spenco directly to ask which product they would recommend for my over-supination problem. The lady on the phone told me that hands down this product would be perfect and would help fix my posture. I gave this thing a good solid 4 days of use until I stepped off of a curb and nearly broke my ankle; it twisted badly. These in soles cause me to walk on the outsides of my feet worse than I ever did before. I wasted money on this product all because the lady on the phone at Spenco said it was exactly what I needed. If you really want to know whether or not it will work for over-supination take it from me: it won't. Do not call and ask them. After all they are just salesman.

Wide foot 1 years ago

Spenco really does make the best product, and I love that they came up with this design for people with plantar fasciitis and sesamoiditis. My ONLY complaint is that they are far too narrow for my feet, and thus had to return the inserts. I wish they had their products in wide. Outside of that, zero complaints.

kportersd 2 years ago

This is my second pair of Spenco insoles, I play a lot of basketball, 2-3 times per week on average and these insoles have lasted about a year. Prolonging the life of my shoes, I re-used them for 3 pairs and providing very solid support for my high stiff arches and predisposition to plantar fasciitis

Thankful 3 years ago

My sons is 6'2" - loves basketball - and is seriously flat-footed. The insoles from Spenco give him the support he needs to run and jump with no pain whatsoever - very comfortable - his knees are aligned perfectly now and the support is awesome!

hooper 24 3 years ago

I love my GRF insoles. what a difference I feel in my feet and legs after practice. I never would of thought they could feel so good. I will be getting another pair shortly so I can change them and let them air out.

KC 3 years ago

I do not play basketball, but use these insoles in my tennis shoes. They feel comfortable and I can walk without pain. They give me plenty of cushion and support in the heel and ball of my foot. A very comfortable insole.

Broc 3 years ago

Overall good quality and construction. The in-step padding is a bit harder than I expected which could lead to blisters.

goodproduct 4 years ago

Extremely comfortable, feet and legs feel much better with these insoles. Great support! Highly recommend, worth the money!

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